A PROPOSAL For Your Prayerful Consideration

Given the degree of interpretation taken, we do not claim this position to be (in actuality) the way in which the days of the end will unfold. While believing this position is one that honors the Word of God and, as a result, appeals to explicit biblical support for the view (unlike the Preterist and Pre-Tribulational positions), we do confess less than absolute certainty. But please do not forget: our ministry emphasis is not to defend the position but to respond to clear biblical fulfillments of prophecies addressing the days before the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ—our days! We confess interpretive steps, including the labeling of the passages quoted in the preceding pages as Final Trumpet Rapture passages. Our ministry emphasis though, is the watchmen-on-the-wall ministry—one that is seeking to help further prepare God’s people to biblically discern OUR days! Once again, we will remain faithful to that call.

An exegetical page on the book of Daniel can be viewed through the link immediately below. This includes material especially significant to the purpose of this ministry. This page on Daniel includes simple but clear observations of the text—with little interpretive content.

Exegetical Observations of Daniel

We make clear one other less than certain tenet of our ministry: The following chart is a visual aid, an illustration of how some of the prophetic details come together. Please study it in light of biblical Truth. Please discern the theological tenets of other end-time systems that may or may not be biblically justified. This is both an important and fair appeal. Also note our “degree of certainty” claim. It is a “proposal” for your prayerful consideration.

A Biblical Synthesis

If you have any questions about the above material, please contact us. But before you do, we would recommend that you look over the following FAQ pages. They seek to answer some of the good questions we have received to date. We do not post certain questions coming from anti-biblical presuppositions. If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ but have read through to this page of the site, please see our appeal to you at www.truthmatters.com. You simply need Jesus Christ and the new birth He graciously bestows before you can see the Truths we do given the degree of deception to which the world is currently in bondage. No judgment here, simply passing on the revealed Word of God. But Good News! You can be free in Jesus Christ. Ask for our free booklet, Ultimate Questions when you write to us at Endurance Ministries; P.O. Box 92098; Portland, Oregon 97292. (Sorry, email requests for this important booklet will not be processed.) Please keep reading for additional information about the Final Trumpet Gathering position.

Frequently Asked Questions