Final Trumpet PASSAGES

In relationship to the important epistemological addresses found on the and sites, “On what grounds do these various end-time positions (mentioned on the preceding Contemporary Options pages) exist?” What is the authoritative source from which these positions are constructed? And how good is the source from which they draw? Are the positions really biblical, or are there some assumed tenets—ones worthy of reconsideration? The following pages serve as EXPLICIT (vs. implicit) passages that clearly support the Final Trumpet Rapture/Gathering position. Given the weaknesses of the other end-time positions, we believe the Word of God does indeed provide clear instruction for us today – those living in the days just before the glorious return of Jesus Christ! The following passages surely allow for the practical aspects of Endurance Ministries. Hold on, for the following material is truly exciting, especially given the day in which we find ourselves!

by reference:
| Matthew 24 | I Corinthians 15 |
| I Thessalonians 4 | Revelation 11 & 14 |

by translation:
| NKJV | NAU | ESV |
| NLT | NIV |

We are not blind to the difference between biblical passages and those claimed to be support for a particular perspective. We understand and openly confess that there is a degree of interpretation in taking the step of calling these passages “final trumpet rapture passages” (excluding I Corinthians 15 which explicitly states such—thus the title of this Premillennial position … it’s biblical!).

In addition to believing there is explicit biblical support for the chronological position of Endurance Ministries, these prior pages (the above links to some of the end-time passages) also seek to show this Final Trumpet Gathering position is not contingent upon a certain translation (nor the issues especially bringing about justification for multiple translations—i.e., textual basis and philosophy of translation), but is clearly a viable eschatological option to consider and act upon. Other translations could have also been quoted, including the Greek text, but the above provides sufficient grounds given our target audience.

Important: AFTER the prayerful consideration of the above pages takes place, please go on to the actual Final Trumpet Rapture/Gathering PROPOSAL pages. It is here where the chronological distinctives of this ministry are introduced.

Final Trumpet Rapture/Gathering:
A Proposal For Your Consideration